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STIMULAN® Rapid Cure Calcium Sulfate, 25cc Kit

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In contrast to today’s growing economic and performance challenges, STIMULAN® may help improve outcomes and reduce associated costs of care across a wide range of settings. STIMULAN® is a truly absorbable calcium sulfate, specifically designed to complement your dead space management.

  • Cleared for placement directly at site of infection in bone voids and defects Calcium sulfate
  • Uniquely recrystallized for consistent and reliable performance in the presence of infection
  • Perfect partner for cases with an infected site

STIMULAN® is a pharmaceutical-grade calcium sulfate with tightly controlled properties.

  • controlled purity
  • physiologic pH level
  • hydrophilicity

Only STIMULAN® undergoes a patented recrystallization process that starts with pharmaceutical-grade reagents and results in its consistent and reliable performance.

  • Truly absorbable
  • Absorbs at an optimal rate
  • No third body damage